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1st Sep, 2016

Acura Transmissions

The Acura Transmission is a front wheel drive compact transmission designed for superior driving experience. However its not without its flaws and is quite frequently seen at transmission repair facilities. The major concern is when the internal clutches start wearing down and clutch composition contaminates the microfine filter. This causes a restriction of fluid to the oil pump which limits its ability to produce sufficient oil pressure for proper transmission operation. In such an event, symptoms would be delayed engagement upon moving shift lever to reverse or drive position, a rpm rev up between 1-2 or 2-3 shifts, will drive fine for few miles but starts acting up when warm. Fluid will be a darker brown color and it will smell burnt/overheat. Why do these internal clutch packs wear down you may ask? Well, we here at ProTech Transmissions have the answer and expertise knowledge of everything about the Honda/Acura Transmission.

What do we do?

Rebuilding of the Acura transmission consists of complete disassembly, and cleaning of every part, and there are hundreds. See our picture gallery of disassembled Honda transmission. Every component is thoroughly inspected for signs of wear or damage and replaced as necessary using the highest quality of parts on the market.

Clutch packs are rebuilt with the latest most advanced clutch material available, providing a very smooth shift and increased longevity. Every transmission rebuild is Backed by a 3 year/unlimited mileage warranty. If you have any questions about your Honda or Acura vehicle transmission, let us give you an accurate diagnosis.

Our diagnostic test is free of charge. It includes a vehicle scan, road test, and fluid inspection.


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